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Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure? Put your travel & geography knowledge to the test and travel the world from the comfort of your arm chair to some of the most iconic landmarks, monuments & structures on earth!

Can you guess the names of some of the most significant man-made structures & natural wonders in the world? Tap on tiles to remove them and gradually reveal a larger part of a hidden picture. The pictures contain world famous statues, monuments, cathedrals, bridges, towers, temples and natural wonders from all over the globe!

Tap-a-Tile: Guess the Landmark contains 6x landmark pictures sets each growing in difficulty. Start off easy with world famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or monuments such as the Statue of Liberty in New York. Work your way up to more mysterious places that are known only to the well-travelled!

The app features 135 pictures of famed landmarks with historical, aesthetic or cultural importance:

BUILDINGS – How well do you know significant architectural landmarks such as cathedrals & temples!
STRUCTURES – Can you identify some of the world’s most prominent man-made structures like bridges, towers & more.
MONUMENTS – Test your knowledge of world's most famous monuments commemorating notable persons or events.
NATURAL WONDERS – Mountains, Canyons, Rivers & more! Planet Earth’s breathtakingly beautiful landscapes!

If you like to travel or are just interested to learn about world famous places, landmarks, cities and countries then this game is for you! Enhance your knowledge of famous places & landmarks on six continents: North & South America, Asia, Africa, Australia & Europe!

How to Play

Reveal a part of the hidden picture, by tapping on tiles. Tiles closest to the centre are often more revealing, but will cost more points. A good strategy might be to start with the outer tiles, and work your way inward. The sooner you can guess the picture, the higher your score and coin reward will be.

To gain the maximum score and coin reward, try to guess the picture / photo by removing as little tiles as possible. Can you finish all 135 levels? Challenge your friends and family for the high score on the leaderboard!

Key Features

★ For the entire family! Play along with friends or family, amaze them with your world knowledge or pass the level sets together!
★ Don’t get stuck! Use hints: reveal random letters, remove incorrect letters or skip the level.
★ Some levels are really easy, while others are very tough… Suitable for young and old!
★ Clean, minimal and elegantly designed playful graphics in HD! (Developed for phones & tablets)
★ Leaderboard & Achievements – Compare your progress with other players all over the world.
★ No time limit – Don’t chase the clock - play at your own pace.
★ Daily challenge – Earn extra bonus coins every day
★ Play offline – No connection is required to play the game, but the internet is necessary to download new theme packs and sync your game progress.

Tap-a-tile – Guess the Landmark is an excellent quiz app for genuine & arm-chair travellers alike: How well do you know the world? Do you know this cathedral? Where is this mountain located? What is the name of that castle? Find the answers in this ultimate travel & geography trivia quiz as it guides you around the world and its wonders!

Join other quiz players now and have fun while you test your skills or just learn new facts about world! (…or plan your next trip to that intriguing destination that you have never heard of before.)

Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Your feedback will be used in future updates.

Thanks for your support and happy ‘travels’!

JBC Interactive



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