The First Lady Diaries:Affairs of State dating sim

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You're going to become the First Lady!?

Excited about the opportunity, you attend a job interview at the center of government: the White Palace, but when you accidentally uncover a state secret, you're given no choice but to enter a political marriage with the President himself!
Although your union is built on a lie, you find yourself thrust into the true role of First Lady, entering an entirely new world of politics and maneuvering.
When the dust settles will you be left grappling with the sad truth, or will you find true love amidst the lies?

The story unfolds within the halls of power!
Surrounded by charming political leaders, security, and diplomatic staff, will you be able to protect your secrets from the world!?

In a world much like our own in some ways, and drastically different in others, who will you choose to love――?

Play for free!
Boost his Affection for you to get fully voiced scenarios!!

Meet the Powers that be!

< President with and Icy-Calm Demeanor >
・Souji Kurosawa
 CV:Tomoaki Maeno

< Former Pop Idol turned Vice President >
・Yuuya Touno
 CV:Junya Enoki

< The Secretive Head of the Legislature >
・Midori Kyoizumi
 CV.Ryōta Ōsaka

< Leader of a Superpower with an Ego to Match >
・Dean F. Irving
 CV:Tomokazu Sugita

< Chief of Staff and Pragmatic Political Operator >
・Seiba Mikoshiba
 CV:Takuya Sato

< Silent Protector >
・Aoi Shinichiro
 CV:Kento Hama

< Ambassador and Childhood Friend >
・Loki Akane
 CV:Toshiyuki Toyonaga

< Sweet, slightly Mysterious Reporter>
・Hisoka Yukishiro
 CV:Shunichi Toki


A new installment in Arithmetic's library of popular romance games!
Step into the halls of power and get swept into a secret liaison within one of the nation's top decision makers!

Easy to play, even if it's your first time!
・Play through 5 stories per day for free.
・Up your poise as the First Lady with Suite Lessons.
・Play through the story and get awesome outfits for your avatar by clearing love trials alongside your paramour.
・Boost his Affection for you through the choices you make, and get different endings.
・Get exclusive scenarios and outfits for your avatar during limited time events.
・Team up with friends to blaze through events!
・Play through special scenarios during popular vote events.
・Birthday events for the guys.

※The game is free to play, but charges may apply for special scenarios, avatars, and items.
※Voices may not play correctly on some devices.

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