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Sathapana Business Mobile let you manage business financial around the world and empower you to manage every single transaction, wherever you are, view account balance, manage cash flow, fund transfer, manage cards, cheques management and bulk payment for payroll/supplier at your convenience time.
You can access Sathapana Business from any devices such as on Smart phone, Tablet and Personal Computers.

Feature and Benefit

You can control and manage your business financial real time for all account maintained with Sathapana Bank at any time anywhere 24/7.

- View Various Account and Transaction detail information
- View and Download statement up to 6 months

- Own Account Fund Transfer
- Within Bank Fund Transfer
- Other Bank and to any FAST participate banks
- Oversea Fund Transfer
- Transfer Fund to Partner Payment Service Providers (PSP)

Bulk Upload
- Bulk Payment for Payroll
- Bulk payment for Supplier
- Bulk Payment for Multiple Type (Support Within Bank and Local Bank Transfer)

Cheque Management
- Cheque Book Request
- Cheque Status Query
- Stop Cheque Payment
- Banker Cheque Request

Corporate Credit Card
- Credit Card Summary and View Transaction Detail
- View Credit Card Statement
- Credit Card Payment
- Card Activation/ Block/ Unblock

Bill Payment
- Bill Payment to Water Supplier, EDC, Internet and Fee School
- Pay Bill to Various Participating Billing Companies

Online Term Deposit
- View Term Deposit Balance and Transaction Detail
- Create Term Deposit
- Term Deposit Redemption

Apply Now
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