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60+ Widgets & 25 Komponents with nearly endless customization options through global settings


• KLWP or KWGT + Pro Key Installed
• A KLWP/KWGT supported Launcher Installed - Nova Launcher Pro is recommended
• Komponents use U.S. English Language
• Optional: Kustom Weather Plugin & provider API subscription (ONLY if using the Weather HD komp with hourly forecast)
• KWGT: Some features are not supported in KWGT, such as music progress bar & CPU usage


60+ Widgets for KWGT: unique styles containing a variety of mix & match widgets

25 Komponents Including:
Status Bar v1: active network connections with different options for battery status + more
Search Bar v1: Google or search icon + text display options
Weather D v1: toggle current condition + 5 day -created with ModArt Weather icons.
Weather HD v1: toggle current condition + Hourly: every 2 hours for 10 hours +5 day -created with ModArt Weather icons. (Kustom Weather Plugin required)
Week(s) Calendar v1: toggle up to 6 weeks ahead with event markers + links to calendar
Event Agenda v1: toggle up to 24 upcoming events with links to calendar
News/RSS Feed v1: 3 user set RSS feeds with the top 3 stories from each
Music Player v1: simple music player with options to show - hide progress bar and / or volume controls
Notifications v1: toggle up to 24 notifications - includes links & options to dismiss.
Settings Panel v1: includes network connections, battery stats, storage/memory, misc. system info and links to many settings
Favorites Dock v1: Shortcuts for 5, 6 or 7 apps - upload icons from supported icon packs with the option to colorize + notifications.
Dock1 v1: different layout options - phone, message & mail with notifications + Text display: time, date, local temp or battery level & user defined action button
Dock2 v1: different layout options - phone, message & mail with notifications + favorite app & user defined action button.
Dock3 v1: with 25 Kustom designed app icons
Music Player v7.1: with Album Art & Volume Controls
Clock / Dock Komponents v7 : 5 Different Clocks with Icon / Dock options
Favorite Apps v2.1: 9 Favorite App shortcuts with notifications - upload icons from supported icon packs. Highly customizable in Settings.
MiniMALL: Home, apps, weather + 5 dynamic system sections
Music Player V2: Large Player with Album Art
Favorites Dock V1RF: Custom Dock with Icon reflection

Sample Preset: A basic (no animation), 2 screen KLWP preset made up entirely of v1 ModArt Komponents. Available to KLWP users only.


If you are not familiar with using KLWP - KWGT &/or Kustom komponents, please visit:
ModArt for KLWP - KWGT on MeWe:

Questions? - Please contact:

Komponents, Widgets and ModArt icons are for personal use only. © Kim Phillips 2019


Appstract Icon Pack
Whicons - White Icon Pack by Randle
Glaskart Icons

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