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发行商: Booksy International
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With over 7 million consumers booking services on Booksy, it's safe to say Booksy is the industry-leading appointment app that your clients will love. Booksy Biz works seamlessly with the client app to create a booking process you didn’t know existed. Booksy Biz allows professionals to manage their business from anywhere. With an integrated marketing toolkit, social media templates, and features designed to keep your calendar filled, Booksy will be the best solution for your business.

Cash-in Early and Say Goodbye to No-Shows: Take control of your time when you charge clients a prepayment at the time of booking. If they no-show, it’s no time or money lost on your end.
Calendar Management: Experience seamless booking when your clients are able to view your availability. No more late-night calls or texts. End the word day when you leave the shop, not when you go to sleep.
Boost Your Business: Booksy Boost is our marketing tool-kit that helps you attract new clients and keep your calendar filled. With exclusive features designed to increase your revenue, you’ll be operating at a new level of efficiency.
Marketing Tools: Gone are the days when it took hours to communicate with each and every client. Using Booksy’s Message Blasts allows you to email, text, or send a push notification to all of your clients. Staying connected has never been easier.
Sync with Social Media: Turn likes into bookings when your clients are able to book you straight from your Instagram or Facebook profiles.
Mobile Services: - Provide your services at your client’s favorite locations: at homes at the office, or even at events. Set a travel fee and choose the areas you want to travel to. Grow your business with the freedom to work anywhere, and anytime.

After business professionals started to use Booksy Biz:

• They filled an average of 60 additional appointments each month
• They reduced the amount of interrupting calls and texts by 50%
• They are 93% less stressed about their appointment scheduling
• 84% say they’re no longer worried about no-shows or late cancellations

For more info on our terms, data usage and security, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

We love feedback! If you have questions, issues, or just ways to make our app and service even better, please contact us at


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Mal llevo dos meses y no entrar visitas, a los clientes no les llega los mail de valoración y todo el rato salta una ventana para q metas el número de cuenta cuando quedan 40 días para empezar a ser de pago la aplicación .




Hola yo digo que es buena pero yo abrí una cuenta pague el mes y por accidente cerre sesión y olvide la contraseña y el día anterior pagué el mes les escribí a. Los de soporte técnico y no me resolvieron nada por yo frustrado abri otra cuenta y me pidieron el link pero yo le dije que tenía el link pero le expliqué que el link no era de la cuenta que acababa de pagar y no me resolvieron nada perdido 30 dólares


Great app🙏


Estoy encantada con esta aplicación,cómoda,sencilla y súper práctica


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