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Magic Universal ViewFinder

发行商: Roman Medvid
价格: 5.20 USD


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*** OVER 42,000 people across the world using Magic ViewFinder apps to frame their NEXT SHOT ***

• For a cinematographer: looking for an angle and view in your next shoot?
• For a director: creating your next storyboard?
• For a photographer: scouting for a shoot location?
• For a camera man: want to see your next shot framing without the camera in your hands?

Magic ViewFinder presents you a precise framing preview for the real camera/lens combination you will be shooting with, right where you stand with your phone/tablet. It simulates the framing of the camera or lens and helps thousands of professionals in filmmaking or photography at the preproduction.

PLEASE READ: this app does not turn your smartphone into an external monitor, but operates as a stand-alone directors viewfinder.

If you have any issues please email us for a quick support:

The app is a digital director's viewfinder -- it helps you see the exact field of view for your future shot. Select the camera from the menu and rotate the wheel to select the focal length of the lens.

Supported cameras / formats:
- Canon FF / APS-C (1DX Mark2, 1DC, 5D Mark IV, 6D, 80D, 760D, etc)
- Canon EOS R
- Canon EOS C100, C300, C500

- Nikon FF / APS-C (Z7, D4s, D5, D750. D810, D500, D5600, D3400, D7200, etc)

- 4/3 standard (Panasonic Lumix GH4, GH3, AF100, EVA1)

- Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, Olympus PEN series, Olympus OM-D E-M series

- Sony Alpha Alpha a99 II, 7RII, 7II, 7S II, 7R, a77, a6500, a6300, a5100
- Sony FS100 / 700 / F3 / FS7

- Blackmagic Cinema / Pocket / Pocket 4K / Pocket Cinema 6K / Micro / Production 4K cameras / URSA series

- Helium 8K, Weapon 8K, Scarlet-W, Red Dragon Weapon / Epic / Scarlet / Mysterium-X Epic / Scarlet / Red One

- Alexa Classic / XT / SXT / Mini / LF / Alexa 65
- Alexa Amira
- Sensor Mode 16:9 4:3 / 4:3 Cropped / Open Gate
- ProRes / ARRIRAW

- Polaroid cameras: Spectra, 600 series, SX-70
- Fuji Instax WIDE

- film formats: 35mm, 6x6, 6x7, 645, 4x5"

- Phase One Digital backs: P65+, P45+, P40+ etc
- Hasselblad H5D-40/50/60

- Phantom High Speed cameras: Flex / Miro / HD Gold

- JVC GY-LS300 (super 35mm, super 16mm, MFT)

Magic ViewFinder simulates using tele adapters or anamorphic optics on your camera (see menu). From the menu you can also select the aspect ratio of the frame guide overlaying your image.

Magic ViewFinder also lets you apply some commonly used color presets (also known as LUTs) to the live picture, which brings you even closer to the final shot.

When you have found the right view, you may save it for future reference, with additional data like the focal length, tilt and roll, date and time and camera / lens information.
While taking a photo, you may lock exposure and turn on and off the auto focus to better control the captured picture.

At the start there is a constant middle-speed center-based auto focus engaged to keep your images focused. But you can tap the live screen to focus on particular objects. Long-click to return to continuous AF.

If the field of view of your real camera is wider than your in-device camera, Magic ViewFinder adds 'padding' around the image, since the device cannot 'see' what is beyond its scope. It is the best solution that we developed first, and other viewfinder apps copied this feature from Magic ViewFinder.

Please note that position of your Android device corresponds to the 'nodal point' of your real lens, which is somewhere in the middle of the lens. This point is, so to speak, the weighted center of the optics.

Depth-Of-Field tool: If you want to check depth-of-field, press DOF icon and calculate the near and far limits of DOF while changing the aperture and the focus distance.

Specifically, Calibration is recommended for a precise operation of the app. You can start Calibration process from the menu, the instructions are on the web site.

Please read the description and manual at:


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81 条评价

Well designed and intuitive. Best viewfinder app on Android that ive used.


It works. That's a good start. I'd like it to support my second and third camera through. I'm on a Xiaomi 9t. Is it possible to have a toggle just like when switching the front and back camera?


Great little tool for composing and talking to my crew. Reccomend buying over the other versions because you never know what camera you may come across in your career. Would love to see more professional cameras Sony Venice, Panasonic S1H or Varicam. Also a function to photo stitch when the lens goes wider than the cameras point of view but I realise that would take so much more thinking time for the phone to do.


Great app, would be perfect if it catered also to tiny-sensor cameras. I can specify a 1/2.3" sensor size once I've calculated it in mm, but the app doesn't allow lenses with focal lengths below 7mm. Most minicams have lenses around 2-4mm. Probably not much market for this, but it'd certainly help me out when trying to match minicam shots to those on larger sensors (despite depth of field difference). Thinking about it, I guess my phone sensor wouldn't be able to replicate such a wide angle...


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