PatolePusher Mini R [Coin Pusher]

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You can easily play the coin pusher game that is common in game centers.
Equipped with a realistic pusher field and a thrilling physical lottery.
There are four types of jackpots!
If you win the jackpot, you will get a lot of coins!
The coins paid out along with the music are a masterpiece!

[basic rule]
-Tap the screen to insert medals.
-The coin that falls in front is yours.
-If you put a coin in the checker, the slot will start.
-If you drop 3 balls, the croon challenge starts!

[Croon Challenge]
Developed by dropping three balls.
Three colors of blue, green and red are drawn by ball.
Once the color is confirmed, it will develop into a 2nd challenge!
If you win the "JP CHANCE" pocket brilliantly, you will develop into a jackpot chance.

[Jackpot Chance]
Simple jackpot chance!
Dividend varies according to pocket.
Win a lot of coins when you win in the "JP" pocket!
Entering "NEXT" will develop even more exciting jackpot opportunities.

[Fever Mode]
When the odd number of 1,3,5,9 is aligned in the slot, it will enter the Fever Mode.
May be a medal mass chance! ?
Fever Mode continues until an even number of 2,4,6,8 is available.
Every time you play a series, you will get a bonus +10!

[Super Fever Mode]
This is a special mode that will evolve when you have 7 slots.
It continues until the "FIN" comes out in the Croon Challenge.
Since the slots are very easy to match, it is a chance to get a lot of coins!
Let's win a lot of coins and aim for the top of the ranking!

[Bet Game]
Exciting betting games are also included.
Shoot the ball for jackpot chance!
The jackpot chance will increase the dividend indefinitely until the end!

* This app is a simulation of a coin pusher game. You cannot bet real money or redeem coins.



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