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protel Housekeeping

发行商: protel hotelsoftware GmbH
价格: 免费


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If you are not using our protel Apps in your property yet, please contact our Support to make sure all requirements (e.g. protel.WebServices) are fulfilled.

The protel Housekeeping app is now available free of charge!

Please note that concurrent use of protel SPE/MPE is a requirement for using the app. A protel SMPE/MPE license code is required for full usage. For further information please contact our protel Support Team or your protel Support Partner.

For everyone already managing their hotel with protel MPE or SPE: Use the app as an optional add-on to your protel PMS. The app links the housekeeping staff, maintenance teams and front desk managers, allowing them to share live information on housekeeping and maintenance issues.
Deliver better customer service with improved communication between housekeeping, maintenance and front desk. All data is continually synchronized with protel. In areas with no Internet or Wi-Fi access, the app switches to offline mode and then syncs automatically with protel once it's online again.

- Housekeeping list: Check and change the occupancy status (occupied, vacant) and the room status (cleaned, dirty, touched, cleaning in progress, checked).
- Maintenance orders: Create and edit orders, add new pictures using the mobile phone or use pictures from within the app.
- Lost & Found: Create and edit entries, add new pictures using the mobile phone. Items are immediately shown in protel Front Office.
- Traces: View and edit the tasks of all departments (protel Traces).

Requirements for the use of this app are:
- protel SPE/MPE hotel management system
- protel WebServices (pWS)
- protel SPE/MPE Front Office User License
Please note: The App requires a free protel workstation.

Please contact our protel Support Team or your protel Support Partner to learn more about the app and how to use it.

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