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Minesweeper Flags Extreme

发行商: Simon Forsberg
价格: 0.77 USD


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You have to take the mines before your opponent does.

* Bomb weapon which can be used by each player once each game, but only when you have less mines than your opponent.
* Double-tap zooming, with additional zooming controls in the menu.
* Each game contains 51 mines. For two-player games; if you get 26 or more mines you will win the game.
* Automatic Expander rule prevents unlucky openings where an open field is revealed before the first mine

Offline features:
* Play local games with up to 8 players against friends or computer-controlled opponents (AIs).
* 7 levels of computer-controlled opponents, suiting your level of difficulty.

Online features:
* Play against other online users, e.g. Android users or AIs.
* All moves are verified by the server when they are made which makes it impossible to cheat
* Online lobby and in-game chat so you can communicate with other online players.
* Elo Rating System.
* Resume games, exactly where you left them.
* Automatic walkover if you have not made a move within 3 days.
* Observe running games in real time, so you can watch your friends.
* Games played online is stored in a database currently holding more than 1 million stored games.

Please feel free to send me any kind of feedback - I'll appreciate constructive criticism as much as praise.


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