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Do you work in shifts?

With this handy dutyroster (shift calendar) app you can see at a glance what shift you have to work, or more importantly, when you have free time.

Very easy to plan private time. Because the roster continuously expands, it is, for instance, possible to see if you off duty with the holidays or not and, if not, what shift you have to work.

Many rosters are preprogrammed.
Just select the appropriate roster and insert a date which is a 1st early shift.

Our app and updates is/are tested extensively before they come into the store, but in some cases the app on some devices is not working (properly), try the free version first if in doubt. Leave, when the app is unfortunately not (properly) operates a message with an exact description of the problem, we will try to solve it. We and the other users will benefit more than from a one star rating without motivation.

If your roster is not listed? No problem.
You can easily create your own by using the manual.

You can opt for the free version with ads or this ad-free paid version with with swiping from month to month as additional function.

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