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发行商: SpareBank 1
价格: 免费



排名历史显示Engangskode在Google Play应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪Engangskode在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









For Authorization of the Norwegian BankID when logging into Online Banking or Mobile Banking, and the signing of payment orders with BankID - you will be demanded an One Time Password - OTP.

This OTP application will be able to replace other solutions for the procurement of OTP, such as an OTP generator.

Before you can use this application, the service "Engangskode på mobil" must be ordered in online banking, at our Call center or by your bank advisor. When the service is ordered, you will receive an 8-digit code with the activation URL in an SMS and a 4-digit code via email. These codes are only needed the first time the application is used. You must choose a personal code that must be used each time a new OTP is requested from the login application.

Support for blind and partially sighted require installation of SVOX classic engine since the default support for Text-to-speech engine PCOS does not support Norwegian. Download and install Svox classic engine from Google play. When activated you should purchase support for Norwegian and English data inside SVOX.

When installation is completed set default language text to speech before you need to restart the phone.

Android 4.0 and higher contain the function “Explore by touch” that enables easy support for voice over default. This is not supported on earlier versions of Android

For more information about the service, visit the website of your bank or read the FAQ in the application.


The OTP application needs the following permissions:
- Full network access – the application needs access to Internet when generating a new OTP code.
- Read phone status and identity – due to backward compatibility to older Android versions the application needs access to “phone calls” – this was earlier a standard configuration.
- View network connections – is needed to give you feedback on network issues.

It is up to you to grant permissions or not, but we cannot guarantee the function of the application if any permission is denied. You cannot grant just some of the required permissions, but have to grant all or none. The permissions asked for in this application is regarding your data and the application itself.

SpareBank 1 do not have the opportunity to get your data on your mobile phone. Your privacy is important for us and is handled as in all other contact with SpareBank 1.


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1591 条评价

Eter nye oppdateringer blir vanskeligere bruke. F.eks. Når du skal shoppe på mobil. Før det holt med finger avtrykk nå det må skrives 6 sifre kode


It was ok - doing it's thing but after the update it doesn't have my data and I don't have BankID and can't go to bank while working until kl.18 while Banks are closed 15:30 and on weekends. Can't use the app = can't pay. You really screwed me up Sparebank1 :(.


Since the last update the app keeps interrupting and popping up while I'm in a different app after I'm finished using it. I think the timing of it is when the last-used code expires. It's really annoying though, especially while using banking apps, hope it can be fixed!


new review: Hei. etter oppdateringen deres så fungere ikke appen i det hele å det store.. å dette lar seg ikke gjøre, dette må fikses så fort som overhode mulig. . . old review: "i den siste tiden så vil ikke appen åpne seg, den bruker lang tid, å når den åpner seg så må jeg memorere engangskoden. hvis jeg ikke memorerer den å lukker appen så blir skjermen bare svart når jeg prøver og åpne den igjen. plis fiks dette ettersom jeg er avhengig av appen som mange andre."


It used to work but now it just gives error messages.


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