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Hunting Simulator

发行商: Kristian Stensønes
价格: 4.23 USD


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Accurate and realistic hunting simulator made for hunters.
This is an easy to use visual 3D ballistic tool for practicing very realistic hunting situations up to 1000m.

Practice deer hunting or other game types using realistic adjustable rifle scope, accurate ballistics and lots of environment variables such as distance, wind, movement, direction, vertical angle and amount of daylight.
After a shot you can inspect and analyse your hit.
Practice hunting whitetail deer, elk, roe deer, moose, wild boar, red deer and fox.

-Imperial and metric units.
-Adjustable accurate reticle (Combined german no4 and mildot using most common MOA and mDot clicks).
-Scope zoom with first/second focal plane.
-Up to 1000m range in realistic enviroment.
-View detailed vitals on animals.
-Vertical shooting
-Select between various calibers 22-250, 223Rem, 6.5-55, 270W, 308Win, 30-06 and 300win mag.
-Load / save your own custom ballistic.
-Variable Wind, Distance, Animal heading and walk speed.
-Hunt mode using random wind, distance and animal movement.
-Hunt mode score accumulates points of your last shots.
-Simulate Low light hunting mode
-Simulate trigger delay.
-3D impact data on various animals.
-Slow-motion visible bullet trajectory (tracer)
-Realistic kill when hit in vital zone

Impact calculations:
-energy loss
-Impact velocity
-wind drag
-animal movement result on impact
-bullet drop
-bullet flight time
-click adjustment for scope

Does the above feature looks interesting but you dont feel like paying, ask for a promocode by email.

App is under constant development, It will be updated with more features later.
Please see the demo video how it works before installing and rating the app.
Please send me a mail if you have feature requests or questions.


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Best hunting sim out there for realistic ballistics


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