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★★★Mine Kontakter★★★

Mine Kontakter is the next generation of smart communication management in the cloud. Our goal is to make your everyday life easier, safer and more efficient, by rethinking the basics of communication! Never lose contact with the people that matter to you the most and never wonder who might be calling you if you don’t have the number saved – Mine Kontakter will show you who is calling while your phone is ringing!

★★★Backup and transfer of contacts★★★

Mine Kontakter is the only service that works perfectly across multiple platforms regardless if you are using an Android phone, iPhone or a legacy phone. It is also the only service that can handle synchronization and backup of your phone’s contact list regardless if it is saved on your phone, Google Contacts, Outlook or iCloud at once.

Synchronize your contacts and have a safe backup that you can access from anywhere at any time. A backup of contacts with Mine Kontakter isn’t just an ordinary backup. A backup with Mine Kontakter means that you automatically get rid of all those annoying duplicates, you get a nice and clean contact list, and you have a safe copy of all your contacts on www.minekontakter.no that you can access.

Keeping your contacts clean from duplicates, safe and moving them between devices has never been easier! Download the Mine Kontakter app, log in, and click “synchronize”! The app handles the rest!

If you want to transfer your contacts to a new phone, just repeat the steps and you’re all done. If you want to update some of your contacts and change information, log in to www.minekontakter.no and edit or merge the contacts you want. Do a new synchronization on your phone to get the updated contacts back to your phone.

The best of all, Mine Kontakter is open to use for everyone regardless of which telephone operator you are using!

This functionality is completely free of charge!

★★★See Who★★★

Ever wondered who might be calling you from a phone number you don’t recognize?
With Mine Kontakter’s brand new functionality See Who, you’ll never have to wonder who is calling you ever again – even if you don’t have the phone number stored in your contacts!

When you receive an incoming call from a number you don’t recognize, Mine Kontakter will let you know who it is. Mine Kontakter’s See Who functionality will do a search and find who the owner of the phone number is and present to you who it is and their address – all this while your phone is ringing! With See Who activated, you can avoid the calls you don’t want and prioritize the important ones.

Se Hvem works also with incoming SMS, if you get an SMS from an unknown number, Se Hvem will let you know who the SMS is from!

With the See Who functionality you get:
• Number search during incoming calls
• Number search during outgoing calls
• Number search during incoming SMS
• Manual search for numbers in the app
• Search history for automatic and manual searches
• Easy way to save your searches to your contact list
• Populate your existing contacts with addition information

If you are a Telenor customer, you get See Who for only 29 kr per month!
If you are not a Telenor customer, you get See Who for only 49 kr per month!

By the way, we give you the first month completely free of charge so make sure you test out See Who!



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