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发行商: Advam Pty Ltd
价格: 免费



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ParkMate is the smartest and easiest way for you to pay for your parking. Using your phone's GPS and Google Maps, ParkMate allows you to easily find a car park or select the car park you are in. Then you simply hit 'START YOUR PARKING' to commence and 'STOP YOUR PARKING' when you are done. It really is that simple!

With ParkMate, you no longer need to queue in the rain to pay for your parking. You no longer need to carry a huge sack of coins around with you. You no longer need to keep putting your credit card into a pay & display machine. Best of all, you no longer need to guess how long you may need to park. You control your parking from your smartphone!

Once you have easily registered your ParkMate account, ParkMate provides you with the best parking rate available including the Earlybird rate (if available). ParkMate also allows you to select how often you would like reminders that your parking session is active or when you would like to be reminded that your Earlybird parking is ending (if you want to extend your stay, you can without needing to return to your car!). For 'peace-of-mind' ParkMate displays a timer on your phone, so you can always see your parking session is active and how long you have parked for.

ParkMate - simply is the coolest way of paying for your parking on the planet.

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413 条评价

Didn't have the carpark on it (despite the sign advertising this app). Took my card details and charged me 1 cent. I should not have entered my card details. Total sham.


Always issues around the payment options and end up having to pay more as I can't use the app. Really not useful


This app is so dumb, it wouldn't even down load on the go, ended up being late to an important meeting, and had to download on another phone, so so lame 😂 feel sorry for any one else that has had the same experience with this app.


Impossible to set-up your card, so impossible to use.


Its frustrating I get notifications every 30 mins for the 10 hours I am parked and there is no option to change this. It should also prompt me to finish my parking if my GPS shows i have left the park.


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