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* This application does not contain TV channels or video sources!

** This application is designed for devices (STB) with remote control and will not work on smartphones or tablets.

Install "Ace Stream LiveTV" app on Android TV or STB (Set-top box) and watch TV channels and various live broadcasts by adding into application broadcast sources from your content providers and from Internet services available to you.

When using P2P, the user who's watching the same content as his neighbor (a loose term, meaning the same block of flats as well as the same country) does not need to connect to a server (which could be on the other side of the continent) in order to get his content. Instead, he downloads it from said neighbor or neighbors at a much higher speed. In the end, a TV Channel / Broadcaster can provide global streaming over an unlimited number of viewers and the viewers get high speed and superior quality

Key features:

- Convenient user interface created specifically for the TV screen
- Ability to add an unlimited number of playlists and other content sources
- Synchronization of playlists between user’s devices and applications (for example, you can add playlists and various broadcast sources available to you in your Ace Stream for Windows application and during synchronization, they will be displayed in your Ace Stream for Android application)
- Support for popular live streaming sources such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Livestream, Twitch, UStream, VK, Vimeo, and many others (in development)
- Search for broadcasts in EPG, in playlists, and in content sources (in development)
- TV guide screen
- Adaptive sorting and filtering by categories
- Automatically add EPG and logos from various sources
- Support for TV programs in XMLTV formats, when manually adding programs from a local source or from the Internet
- Live broadcast, timeshift
- Recording and programs archive (in development)
- History of watched channels
- Channel editor
- Favorites, grouped by category
- Parental control
- Picture-in-picture
- Automatic reconnection to the broadcast source when disconnected

Permissions notice:
* Storage: needed to hold a cache of various app files
* Record audio: needed for voice search

Ace Stream LiveTV is an aggregate application which contains the following products:

- Ace Stream Engine (Server) is a universal multimedia stream manager which uses the most advanced P2P technologies for efficient data storage and transmission (MIT License,

Documentation is available here:

Attention! All Ace Stream's software products and applications don't contain any video and audio content, including links to such content. This application is intended solely for cataloging and/or playing by the user personal content (which is either owned by him or is at his disposal), as well as for playing other legal content, including content that is freely available on the Internet, by self-adding such content (video, audio, photos, texts or any other materials) in the application.



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