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APlayer - simple yet extremely powerful cross-platform video player for android phones & TV that plays all formats including 4K, HD & ultra HD.

APlayer's architecture has focused on stability, speed and smoothness of video player. With Equalizer, video cropping, advanced video decoder & all formats support A-video player provides best watching experience.

• All format supporting video player including AVI, MOV, Ogg, MKV, MP4, Ogg, M2TS, TS, Wv, AAC ,FLV, WMV, RMVB, & FLAC
• Codecs pre included inside video player. No further downloads required.
• Hardware accelerated video playing.
• Chromecast to TV support
• Local/Shared networks & drives support
• Dark/Light theme support - reduces power & improves visibility
• Gesture Control UI for video player's brightness, volume & seeking.
• Powerful music player that plays all audio formats.
• SD card/External storage support
• Download Subtitles support (multi-language) with
• Simple File browser to play, delete, share & see details of your media files.
• Screen lock & auto rotation support in video player.
• Aspect ratio adjustments
• Multiple audio-tracks support.
• Video player hd(1080p,4k) for tablets, Android TV & phones.
• Play video in background as audio support
• Android TV support

** Free video player/music player without ADs **

TV permission detail:

- “Record audio” permission is required by Android TV to let you give voice commands to TV.

💖We have always believed that video watching experience should be simple. This is exactly why we have made A-Player. We promise we'll keep improving it. Striving to become no 1 android video player.

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