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Lapse of plague: The Doctor adventure game

发行商: ООО АСР Ратоборцы
价格: 2.76 USD


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Lapse of Plague Inc: Doctor's Adventure game is a simulator of the hard life of a medieval doctor.

You are a plague doctor stuck in a 16th century backwater village.

Your task is to diagnose and treat the disease using the available tools, ingredients, recipes and books.

It's a difficult time management game, so misdiagnosis and procrastination can lead you to the stake, and every choice has consequences.

- The visual style of the game is pleasing to the eye. Beautiful drawing - every detail, every character is lovingly hand-drawn on paper.

- Real diseases and authentic methods of treatment of the 16th century. Bloodletting? Leeches? Yes please. And don't forget to hit on the head instead of anesthesia.

- Lovable characters. Our favorite is the parish priest in a deep depression. It is recommended to treat it with St. John's wort.

- It costs like a cup of coffee. No ads and microtransactions, we don't like them either

At first, your methods are scarce - drain blood, amputate a rotten finger. But over time, you become increasingly sophisticated, learning therapeutic treatments and surgical skills. Eventually, you face the horror of black death and put on a plague doctor mask.

All events of the game take place in a fictional universe. Please do not use the healthcare skills acquired in the game on real people - it is dangerous and can cause harm to life and health.
Always contact a specialist!


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