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DING is a free app that displays all current promotions and leaflets with the best shopping offers personalized to your needs and preferences, and to your localization! Importantly, it is completely free and takes just a few seconds to install. Thanks to it, you keep an eye on current promotions for food products, cosmetics, home or garden furniture, all fashion trends, laptops or TV sets, sports and tourist goods, products for pets and your car.

Leaflets in your smartphone!

Why should you have the free DING app on your phone? First of all, without creating an account, you have an access to all current promotions, hot deals and discounts from shops, supermarkets, shopping centers and local markets, so you can save money on shopping! Additionally, DING has different tabs, which simplify navigation in app. One of them is a tab which called Products. There you will find the best promotions on different products caught from all of the leaflets, such as Biedronka, Lidl and Carrefour. Once registered, clicking on any product will allow you to create a shopping list that will make your grocery shopping so much easier than it was before.
Latest promotions close to you!
The DING application is set to the location, what does it mean? By creating your own account, you will be notified of all current promotional offers that are closest to your home. Moreover, you can set them according to your requirements, among others by checking the request for information about the ending validity of the offer for the selected product in the store. With the map icon in the top right-hand corner, you can browse through previously displayed stores and see exactly where they are. With DING it is even easier to find more customized products every day, renovate your home or choose products for special occasions such as the Black Friday, Christmas or Easter.

Business Sundays in DING!

After creating your account, you can also set up notifications that will inform you about the upcoming trading Sunday or holiday with a ban on trading. Thanks to this you will hurry to the store and avoid long queues to the checkouts, plus you will catch up on great promotions, which is a pity to miss!



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