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Amango is a ride-sharing app for commuting reliably and conveniently .

Whether you are moving from one city to the other or taking a tour in town, all you need is
Amango App on your phone. Just type in your destination and click the request button. In no time, a driver will be at your doorstep to take you to your destination smoothly.

Amango provides riders with more options and flexibility by choosing from a range of different
vehicle types. From Cars to Bikes to Trucks.

While other platforms focus solely on providing the technological solution for connecting
commuters with drivers, Amango goes beyond that by creating a network ecosystem
where the platform is for all and by all stakeholders. That is, we consider all our platform
users (Riders, Drivers, Car Owners etc.) as partners who have the opportunity to share
in the growth of the platform.

Amango gives back 50% of the companies generated revenue in the form of cash and
other relevant benefits. That’s we consider our platform users (both customers and
independent partners) as 50% shareholders giving them the chance to share in both the
benefits and responsibilities of the companies growth.

Below is how all our partners can be shareholders of Amango:

This is the Rider-Partner package that gives our riders the opportunity to earn 10% of
the commission charged each time their referred riders (friends and families they
referred to Amango) use the platform to commute. The total amount accrued will be
deposited into either a bank account or Mobile Money account of this Rider-Partner.

Amango Pay is drivers oriented package which provides the opportunity for drivers to
earn 10% from the hard work of their fellow drivers. To activate this package, drivers
need to directly signup at least 5 other drivers using their referral codes and also be
active users of Amango driver platform themselves. Drivers earn 10% of the total
commission we charge each of their referrals. Example; If a driver signup 5 other drivers
and 10% of the commission per month per driver is ghc100, this Driver-Partner will earn
Ghc500 each month. Just imaging if you have 20 or more drivers signed up under your
referral code! Just know that the early bird catches most of the worms.

We do not forget car owners in our partnership network as without their cars, Amango
will just be a dormant platform. Hence we have Amango Care to provide free repairs,
regular checkups and maintenance services for your investment (Cars). You also enjoy
discounted spare part prices from our partnered spare parts dealers. All your drivers
needs to do is go to the nearest partnered workshops and get your car sort out. Note:
This package does not include buying of spare parts, oils or anything needed to fix or
maintain the car. That’s anything needed to maintain or repair your car is at the expense
of the car owner.
We keep your car healthy at all times so you can enjoy your investment.



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