Retro Boy Klwp Theme

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If you require unlocked files, e-mail your google play order number to

This is not a stand alone application. Theme requires Kustom Live Wallpaper PRO (Not the free version of KLWP).

Kustom (KLWP PRO)

What you need:

- Kustom (KLWP PRO)
- A KLWP compatible launcher (NOVA LAUNCHER RECOMMENDED)
- Hide Status Bar (Optional)
single screen in nova, disable app drawer, and single screen in KLWP

Open the KLWP then go to the global tab Where you can change Your Apps, and Rss feeds, then go to Shortcuts and assign the appropriate apps you have set under Globals

If you like Retro Boy KLWP, do not forget to rate the stars and leave your comment!

Please contact me with any questions / issues before leaving a negative rating.

Please dont leave negative review if you have issues with the music player...
You need to launch your preffered music player, and leave it running in the background. Pressing A button on music page opens last remembered music player.
Pressing B button on music player page opens Bluetooth settings.
Start= Pause/Play

This theme was made with a mate 20 pro device and you may need to make some tweaks, I will include 3 screen sizes (19.5/9, 18.5/9 s8+, 18/9, more to come) but may have graphical off sets on some devices.

The battery light changes too.
>60% is green
<60% is yellow
<30% is red
With charger plugged in it flashes green, and if connected to a computer with a cable it turns blue.

Adding more features soon.




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