Ghost Camera(Beta+)

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This is the successor to the Ghost Detector app series, which has been downloaded by nearly 2 million people worldwide.
This program contains all of the basic functions used by ghost hunters and maintains four stars in the field.
* This program is a toy. Never think seriously !!!
* Screen and sound can be used on the Internet and broadcasting without limitation.

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[Basic explanation]
The Ghost Detector(Camera) detects ghosts(phantom) with various sensors.
The ghost appears as a red dot or box.
Ghost detection uses the smartphone's motion and microphone sensors.
In particular, the wavelength of the microphone sensor is analyzed by a unique algorithm.
If the microphone sensitivity is high, more distant ghosts are detected.
* Professional ghost hunters, please use the '3D version of the ghost explorer'.

[Basic Algorithm]
Extracts the wavelengths of various sensor bands that can not be heard by humans.
Frequency is measured by filtering a specific waveform.
When an abnormal noise frequency occurs, it is judged to be a ghost.

* Operating in too loud places may cause malfunction.
* Many people misunderstand people or electronic devices.
* It may malfunction if it is operated quickly.
* Smartphones with some insensitive microphones may lose their detection capabilities.
* Aliens are not used for UFO detection.
* Make it serious but do not take it too seriously !!!

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