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Auslan Tutor

发行商: Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
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The NextSense Auslan Tutor is a video-based Australian Sign Language (Auslan) teaching application.

The NextSense Auslan Tutor has been designed to assist families of young deaf children learn Auslan. More than 500 Auslan signs are included.

The NextSense Auslan Tutor moves beyond the basic premise of teaching individual signs by including five corresponding entries for each sign. These five entries are:
• a photo of the handshape used to form the sign
• a video clip demonstrating the single sign
• a video clip of the sign used in a phrase
• a video clip of the phrase used in a sentence
• a text note about Auslan grammar that is pertinent to the sign, phrase or sentence

These additional features help improve the users understanding and use of Auslan.

The portability of the NextSense Auslan Tutor allows for ongoing communication opportunities throughout the day.

Key features:
• Clear and easy to follow learning hierarchy
• Over 500 signs, each demonstrated multiple times in single signs, phrases and sentences
• Special Auslan grammar instruction for each sign
• Auslan Northern and Southern dialects
• Sign search
• Auslan alphabet
• Auslan numbers
• Categories
• Related signs

The NextSense Auslan Tutor was developed by staff at NextSense, in consultation with expert Auslan users.

With thanks to the Atlassian Foundation.

* photos/media/files permissions: the app has resources (images, videos) that it saves onto the device, and needs permission to access those resources.


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