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ING HomeBank

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ING Home'Bank is like a control panel for your money. You simply login with the username you choose and your fingerprint / password / digipass and you have access to all banking operations.

See some of the benefits of Home'Bank on mobile:

Pay with your Phone
You don't even need to carry your wallet with you. Take the phone, unlock the screen, move it closer to the POS and you're done, you paid Simple and Fast.

Fingerprint Login
You have access to Home'Bank with a single tap with the fingerprint authentication option. You can activate it from the Account Settings - Fingerprint Authentication menu.

Update your Data
Do you want to update your personal data? Nothing easier! Click on the Account Settings - My Data menu and you can change your data at any time.

Pay Utility Bills
With Scan & Pay you pay the bills with your phone as fast as making a selfie. Then confirm with password or digipass and you're ready, you paid for it. Simple and fast.

Find the closest ATM
You need money to get out of town, but don't know where is the nearest ING ATM? Access the Home'Bank app on your phone and find it immediately with the ATM Locator option.

In addition to mobile Phone Payments, Transfers and Invoice Payments, from ING Home'Bank you can, for example, make a Life Insurance Policy or Open a New Account and order a New Card. In short, you can do almost any of your banking business.

In order to find out how to become an ING client without going to an ING Office, read more here:

The application is available in Romanian.

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24875 条评价

Fix the battery issue on Android! It drains too much without even using the app. The app is also very slow. It's a very bad update, I changed my old 5 stars rating to 2 stars because of this awful update. Edit: issues fixed now so changing my rating to 5 stars again, congrats!


Tell us, what was the reasoning behind making the app not work with a rooted phone/custom ROM? Ah yes, security. So, on the same "compromised" phone, it's ok to access the bank's services from a browser, but not from the app. (?) A prompt to accept the risks would have been enough. I've been able to make it work even with a custom ROM and root, but I'll change my review when you'll comment on this topic. You have not responded to a single one of your customers that face this issue here. Shameful


Am reinstalat aplicatia, se blochează mereu. Blochează tot aparatul, nici nu o deschide, nici nu executa comanda "back", ramane in așteptarea procesului de deschidere. Daca se blochează și telef, singura comanda este power off si repornirea tel. Păcat, tot mai dezamăgit... Am actualizat aplicația: acum nici mie dar nici unui alt utilizator pe care îl cunosc, nu face download pt pdf-ul unei tranzacții. Sau poate face dar nu se știe în ce folder întrucât nu este de găsit în tot telefonul doar mail


Thank you for solving below. Application takes about a minute to be able to log in, abou 3 minutes to change accounts(also need to do 4 actions now instead of two) and there is no confirmation account has been changed. I started using web based on mobile in order to be able to do anything with my accounts.


It never worked, but it never worked to reset your password. Maybe Good will come on Earth and fixed your errors. Why you have this option if never work ??


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