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Vocaberry Karaoke is a karaoke application through which you can learn the real notes that the singer sings. You can also change the height of the song so that it's convenient for you to sing and change the tempo. You can roll the song forward or backward and replay those moments of the song you want to learn better.

With this application you can understand whether you are getting into the real notes of the performer or not. And also learn how to get into rhythm and notes.

The application will help you to sing karaoke songs more cleanly.

With the Vocaberry Karaoke app you will be able to:
- To see, feel and understand what notes are
- To see the real notes of the performer in a convenient form
- Do you see if you fall into the notes
- Remember note and rhythm words
- Work on specific parts of songs

The application is free.

Now there are the following songs in it:
✪ Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender
✪ The Green Day - Wake Me Up
✪ The White Stripes - Seven nation army
✪ Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
✪ Celine Dion - My heart will go on
✪ Marina and the Diamonds - Primadonna
✪ Frank Sinatra - Strangers in the night
✪ Luis Fonsi - Despacito
✪ Elton John - Sorry seems to be
✪ The Beatles - Yesterday
✪ The Cranberries - Zombie
✪ Ed Sheeran - Perfect
✪ Adele - Rolling in the deep
✪ Linkin Park - Numb

this list is growing from version to version

If you like the app, rate it on Google Play. We always try to improve Vocaberry. Please send us any questions and requests!

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