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Rabota.ru is a mobile application for job search.
You can easily find a job in Russia with our application. We have collected actual vacancies for you, carefully checked employers and published them on the Rabota.ru website and in the mobile application.
How to respond to a job offer quickly?
Use filters!
"For you" : smart sorting that takes into account the size of your desired wages, the relevance of the vacancy, the range of skills and qualifications, etc.
"Near" : to search for jobs near your house or other important places.
“On the map” : vacancies are presented visually, you may choose them as on a regular map.
There are several ways to apply for a job: call or send your contact details and CV so that the employer can get a complete picture of your experience: this will give you the highest chance of getting a new job.
What other features are there in the Rabota.ru app?
The application provides search by several parameters: location, work schedule (flexible, night-shift, part-time, etc.), the field of ​​activity, type and size of a company, etc.
You can also add suitable vacancies to your favorites list to respond when it is convenient, or subscribe to instant alerts about new vacancies.
You can regularly monitor all important events related to job search in the notification section: notifications of invitations from employers; notifications of new messages from employers; information about new vacancies; information about viewing your CV for a job position. Also, right in the application, you can edit an existing CV or create a new one, and chat with the employer.
460,000 employers use Rabota.ru service, and 30,000 new vacancies appear daily! Among them, there are many options for students, candidates with no experience, travelers who want to work remotely, as well as for those who are looking for freelance at home, working as a courier, a taxi driver, or part-time jobs, or jobs for those who are citizens of the CIS.
We wish you a resultative search and success in your career! For any questions, suggestions, and feedback feel free to contact support@rabota.ru, we are always there to help.
Yours faithfully,

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