Teamo - 附近单身人士的严肃约会

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Teamo is a unique dating app that will help you meet a man or a woman
of your romantic dreams.

Think that talking to strangers is scary? Not anymore!
Our online service will find you your perfect match and help you
take the step from first date to serious relationship: chatting with single
adults who suit you psychologically can be your path to true love.

Tired of social networks and dating chats that only allow you to exchange
photos, flirt, and talk about meaningless things? High technologies helping
you fight for love: create your psychological profile when registering!

Our online-testing determines your personality, and app Teamo looks for
guys or ladies, men or women who are similar to you. It’s easy, and you will
surely enjoy the result – meet a partner suitable for romantic dates and
maybe even serious relationships. Any single looking to meet a friend or
find a partner will find someone appealing to them in the Teamo app:
from having an online chat with interesting people to dates with nice
strangers who can become your soulmates. As soon as you complete your
profile you’ll be able to see potential matches for free.

You can choose qualities that are important for you:
- age - maybe you are seeking a younger partner or interested in senior
- height and weight - curvy girls and bbw are a rather popular trend,
location - are you seeking someone nearby or do you want
international relationships with asian girls?
- relationship status - are you single and looking to get married or
divorced parent?
- profession, religion, education, income and other options.

Now you understand – with Teamo you have the whole functionality of a
dating service in your smartphone.

Chat with single people from your country or with foreign strangers. Find
your partner anywhere in the world – now it’s easy with dating app

Join people who looks for dating – just fill in the profile with the
photo: the registration is available for any user for free.

You can get even more opportunities with the premium account: more
attention, likes, congratulations, gifts and smiles! Though speed dating isn’t
the app’s specialization, you can meet new men and women you like much
faster just by activating the premium account.

Teamo doesn’t forget about safety of its users: you can discuss all the
nuances of the relationship in a special anonymous chat before starting a
private conversation.

Almost 14 million men and women use Teamo’s dating app and website
and lots of them are surely near you. There is no rigid “Like” and “Dislike”
system with Teamo. You can always give someone a chance by pressing

The registration of your profile and passing the test – All that separates you
from meeting your soulmate is making a profile and taking a simple
personality test. The chance to start serious relationship is really here – just
sign up!



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