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Watch TV programs and live news anywhere.
You can collect live channels separately and watch the re-broadcast of missed programs.
From current affairs, economics, and political news to social issues and comedy videos, we've put together all the broadcasts in one app.
Check out the TV video of the fire directly with the app. We have a lot of popular channels.
You can use it free forever.

※ This app is recommended to use in Wi-Fi environment.

This app does not store any content.
You can enjoy various songs that strictly abide by the terms of YouTube and Google Play.
All content (including secondary works such as videos and images) provided by this App is content licensed under YOUTUBE's Copyright Management System.
The copyright of this content belongs to the original author who provided it.
Copyright holders who do not want to be published in this app will not play in this app if you do not play the content on YOUTUBE.
In addition, revenue generated from playing videos in this app goes to the original copyright holder.

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