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Safe Watch TV - Secure Media Center

发行商: Safe Watch
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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We daily experience serious security challenges and jeopardize our privacy while surfing the Net and entertaining online.
Safe Watch TV ensures you the best entertainment experience ever, keeping your device and online privacy protected. Don’t become a victim of hackers or wrongdoing!

With the help of the fast and unlimited VPN, you can always be sure that your internet connection is strongly encrypted, and no one can infringe on your personal data. Just install Safe Watch TV, take more popcorn, and enjoy watching videos and favorite shows in HD on a big screen without worrying about your privacy!


Superior Media Player
Smart playback technology ensures the most flawless video playing experience you’ve ever had, allowing you to watch any videos, even Ultra HD and 4K full-length ones.

Top-Secured VPN
Stay safe and anonymous online in one click with an ultra-fast and top-secured VPN. No registration is required, just turn on the VPN, and the risks of using streaming sites are eliminated for free.

Safe Watch TV doesn’t contain any media or content, which means it’s users who should get it by themselves from a local or external storage.

More tech characteristics and performance specs here:

Video Player:

🎞️VLC media player based
🎞️Network streams and most audio and video files support
🎞️MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLAC, TS, Ogg, M2TS, AAC, and Wv formats support
🎞️Stream torrents from a browser
🎞️HD, 4K, Full HD, and UHD video playback
🎞️Open torrent files from the player
🎞️Youtube videos and other video services playback support with URL input 🎞️Subtitles full support, along with SRT, SSA/ASS, PGS
🎞️Support of multi-track audio
🎞️Last position video playback resume


🌎Free locations all over the globe🌍

📍Bulgaria 📍Canada 📍Czech Republic 📍France 📍Germany 📍Hong Kong 📍Ireland 📍Italy 📍Latvia 📍Lithuania 📍Luxembourg 📍Netherlands 📍Romania 📍Russian Federation 📍Singapore 📍South Africa 📍Sweden 📍Switzerland 📍Ukraine 📍the UK 📍the USA

🔐Unlimited and totally free
🔐Registration free and activation in one click
🔐Unblock any site or app from any location
🔐Great number of robust servers and IP addresses
🔐Over 20 locations all over the world to connect to
🔐Extremely intuitive and easy
🔐Reliable industry-standard AES 256 encryption
🔐OpenVPN and IPSec protocols
🔐Keeps NO online activity logs

Download Manager:

📥Unlimited downloads/uploads speed
📥Smart algorithm for downloading speed boost
📥Accelerated download process with 9 multithreading parts
📥Download multiple numbers of files at the same time with a top speed
📥Magnet links support and recognition them from the browser
📥Select what files to download and rearrange them during the downloading
📥Download just on Wi-Fi option, without data network
📥Failed and stopped downloads resume
📥Parallel files support
📥Ability to browse folders
📥Downloaded files media library
📥µTP and PeX support
📥Support of DHT, UPnP, NAT-PMP


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