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Strict Swedish LetMix is a very simple and easy to use word checker. Use it for Scrabble, Wordfeud or any other word puzzle game.

Simply enter your characters and press the search icon. In no time at all, LetMix will find all valid words that can be combined with the given letters.

If you prefer you can also supply starting letters, contained letters or ending letters.

-Easy user interface
-Extremely fast
-No 7 letter limitation
-Use ? for blank tiles
-Start word/letters can be supplied
-Contains word/letters can be supplied
-Ends with word/letters can be supplied
-Word list is the same as the one used by Wordfeud
-More than 110.000 valid words in the Swedish (strict - no endings or conjugations) word list
-No online access needed

Everything is stored directly on your phone, so no need for any type of connection. In other words - you are free to use the application anywhere - on an Ibiza beach, by the pool in Grand Canarias or on the Moon where no satisfactory mobile coverage is expected in a foreseeable future.

Note1: Please be patient first time installing. It will take up to 60 seconds to create the word list.

Note 2: If you are playing Wordfeud, please check out the LetMix apps dedicated for the Wordfeud dictionaries (TWL, SOWPODS, ODS5, Norwegian, French, Danish etc.)

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