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Welcome to our new Maybank SG app, redesigned with you in mind. Our new Maybank SG app seamlessly play a part in your life without getting in the way. It comes with features to make banking easy, fast and simple, so you can get on with what is more important to you.

A fresh and intuitive way to view all your accounts with an improved user experience. Simply use your face recognition or fingerprint to unlock your account.

Logging in to your Maybank Mobile Banking, performing transactions and paying your bills are now faster. We want to make every second counts.

We want to ensure that your account is always protected. For a safer banking transaction, you won’t be able to access the app from a rooted or jailbroken device. Transactions that are considered high risk will require transaction signing via your security token.

Download and experience the new Maybank SG app today.

Here’s what you can do with the Maybank SG app:

•Scan & Pay: Cashless is the way to go. Scan the PayNow QR code and pay to any participating merchants. You can also generate your own PayNow QR code for peer-to-peer transfer via PayNow.

•Quick Transfer: Transfer money instantly to your favourite payees in just 2 taps. You can also personalise your favourite payee icon with their picture so you can easily spot the payee you want to transfer funds to.

•Overseas Funds Transfer: Enjoy same day remittance to Maybank Malaysia

•Bill Payment: Whether you are making payments to a local or Malaysia billing organisations, or to your Maybank or other banks’ credit card bills, bill payment on the new app is so such a breeze now.

•PayNow with Maybank: Use PayNow to send money or pay anyone as long as they have registered for PayNow and link their bank account either to their NRIC/FIN, mobile number or UEN.

•Apply: Instantly open a new savings account via MyInfo. You can also easily submit applications for a new Credit Card or CreditAble online.

•Others: No more browsing thru pages to locate other Maybank apps. They are housed within the same Maybank SG app

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