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With the My Petrol application, you can quickly and easily submit your meter readings, review your consumption, order energy products, and monitor card and financial transactions. Members of Petrol Club can monitor usage and point balance on their Petrol cards, and can order electricity, natural gas, heating oil, and liquefied petroleum gas using the application. The application also provides answers to frequently asked questions, and can also be used to submit questions to Petrol or to find contact information and working hours for the call centre.

With the My Petrol application, you can:
- Users of Petrol energy products Petrol electricity and natural gas can submit their meter readings.
- Analyse electricity and natural gas consumption throughout the months, thereby promptly identifying excessive consumers in your household.
- Order liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and heating oil.
- Review usage on the Petrol card with details of transactions and received invoices. You can also download or forward invoices.
- Review rewards on the Petrol Club card and the balance of Gold Points.
- Identify yourself at Petrol points of sale using the saved loyalty card barcode.
- Enable or change notification settings for Petrol special offers and rewards.
- Review and edit the information in your My Petrol account.
- Submit questions to Petrol or contact the call centre.

If you don’t already have your My Petrol account, you can create it in just a few simple steps in the application using your Petrol Club loyalty card or Petrol Club payment loyalty card or by photographing and entering the information from any Petrol account you already have.

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