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To get the perfect buttocks, Challenge Squat offers several training programs to build your legs, buttocks and thighs /

The leg, hip and gluteal muscles are the hardest to work on. With Challenge Squat, you will be guided step by step, daily to specify effective training sessions, with exercises focused on the glutes.

The 3 main muscles used by our programs are the glutes, thighs and legs. Without the need for equipment, you will only have to spend 10 short minutes a day at home to see results within 30 days. You will then quickly get plump and shapely buttocks.

Get perfect buttocks, legs and thighs thanks to our 3 available programs

Features of our squat training program
- A personal coach who optimizes training according to your results to help you progress at best
- a series of exercises available suitable for the development of the legs, glutes and thighs
- A squat challenge to make your butt plump
-Sacrify one day out of thirty to take up the challenge of the perfect buttocks: each day, the challenge intensifies with exercise as you progress.
- Vary your program with the personal coach according to your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
- No equipment required. Bodyweight butt training
- Animations for all exercises

Carry out our thigh and glute training programs, our squat challenges and get the body you have always wanted.

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