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Clubcard TESCO Slovakia

Do you like shopping at Tesco stores? Make your shopping even easier and more convenient with the Tesco Clubcard app.
- It takes just a few seconds to view the progress of your collected points.
- Quickly and conveniently access your coupons and vouchers, which you can redeem right from your mobile phone.

Clubcard helps you save more. Join now!
How does the Clubcard work? Simply and conveniently: For every purchase in the Tesco stores, you will earn points that will be credited to your Clubcard account. For every 150 Clubcard points you will receive a money-off voucher worth 1.50 € that you can use as a discount on your next purchase. You can collect points on your Clubcard as well as using the app.
Let your phone be really smart!
Don't miss any special offer. With the Tesco Clubcard app you’ll have at your disposal member’s promo events, coupons and money-off vouchers and many other surprises at any time and all in one place. Say goodbye to complicated searches or waiting for discounts.
The Clubcard Tesco app makes it easy to keep track of your accumulated points and to view vouchers collected during previous purchases. This information is automatically updated. It's now easier and faster to redeem coupons and vouchers directly via the app! When you go shopping, you can even leave your Clubcard at home: when checking out, just scan your card code directly from your mobile!
Tip: When scanning the code, increase the brightness on your mobile phone to make sure it works the first time.
In addition, thanks to the application you will:
- receive extra coupons exclusively as the app user,
- receive special benefits (such as a birthday voucher, e-stamps, member promotions and leaflets in your mobile),
- manage all your personal information (changes of address, shopping preferences, email),
- easily find your nearest Tesco store.
Shopping at Tesco with ease
Also, you can see in the app the opening hours of each Tesco store in the vicinity plus information about current special offers and discounts. Download the Clubcard app to your mobile today and make your next purchase easy!
Tip: Let us protect the environment. Using the app reduces the need of printing paper!
The application is available for FREE for smartphones running under Android 5.0 and higher
E-stamps: Collect e-stamps in the Clubcard app and get a major discount on your next purchase
Start the New Year with purchases that will help you save even more! We have a great event for all Tesco Clubcard members right now! All you need to participate is the Clubcard mobile app. We start on 22nd January 2020 and end on 29th February 2020!
- Every 7 € spent in Tesco supermarkets and hypermarkets = 1 e-stamp.
(This does not apply to tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, baby food, newspapers and magazines, Tesco vouchers and gift cards. E-stamps cannot be obtained for advance payments for returnable bottles or packages and for payments made at Tesco check-outs, such as mobile credit top-ups.)
- You exchange the e-stamps you collect for an electronic coupon that you will activate in your app before making another purchase.
- When you go shopping you exchange the coupon for a cash discount that reduces the total purchase price. For 10 e-stamps you will receive a discount of 5 € and for 15 e-stamps a discount of 10 €!

I want to download the Clubcard app and collect e-stamps
How do I get e-stamps?
- Download the Tesco Clubcard app on your mobile phone and register or log in to your account. E-stamps are available for smartphones with Android 5.1 and higher and iOS 11 and higher.
- From 22nd January 2020 to 29th February 2020, scan your Clubcard and e-stamp code from your Clubcard app and you will receive an e-stamp for each purchase exceeding 7 €. The e-stamp will automatically be added to your account in the app.
TIP: Don’t miss a special offer for Clubcard members using the Clubcard mobile app. Kick off on 22nd January 2020!



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