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Soul Warrior Battle: Sexy Super Power Anime Game

发行商: Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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After another day of dodging bullies and surviving class, your evening is interrupted by a strange fortune-teller offering you a bracelet he claims will change your life.

Unable to refuse, you buy the trinket and hurry home. But when you’re confronted by a group of attackers, the unthinkable happens—your bracelet comes to life.

Forced into a game of life or death with a supernatural fighter by your side, it’s time to prove what you’re really made of!


Meet Rietta - “We need to push ourselves harder!”

Appearing out of nowhere in your time of need, Rietta is an enigma. From her origins to the source of her powers, you have a lot to learn about this battle-hardened warrior before the two of you can form a true bond.

Her tragic past and reluctance to show emotion make it difficult for her to form lasting connections. With both of your lives on the line, will she ever find peace?

Meet Maya - “You want to be friends with someone like me?”

A shy and timid girl, Maya is an unlikely opponent. Dragged into the game due to a misunderstanding, she doesn’t seem likely to last long on her own in this cutthroat world.

But beneath her cute exterior lies the brilliant mind of a strategist. With a fearsome companion and the heart of a winner, Maya is every bit as dangerous as the other Players.

Meet Kasane - “I live to fight.”

A master of combat who has defeated countless opponents, Kasane is bad news for anyone who comes across her. Preferring to stay in the shadows, she’s hard to spot and even harder to catch.

With a fierce soul and independent personality, Kasane has one goal—victory. But when she encounters a fight that’s impossible to win, will you choose to help her or sweep her aside?


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