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Forest Navigator

发行商: HobbySoft
价格: 3.49 USD


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This navigator has built-in voice prompts and is adapted for off-road walking. It helps you return to the point of interest again after a while.

The app can help you

Quickly find places what you had visited before

Do not get lost in an unfamiliar area

Share favorite places with your friends

Features and benefits

Simple and intuitive user interface. Minimum settings.

Voice prompts about distance, direction and accuracy of the coordinates.

Text messages with coordinates of your current location.

Backing up data to the internal phone storage or to the personal storage provided by the Google Drive cloud service.


The application stores information about your places in its internal private database. The list of places is sorted from the nearest to farthest accordingly your current location. You can take a place from the database to set a route from your current position. Also it is available to pick a destination point on the map directly.

The application shows on the map a direct route from the current location to the selected point and tracks it in the movement.

The application has built-in voice prompts that periodically suggest the direction of movement, distance and accuracy of coordinates. Voice prompts remain active even though the device is locked.

If you wish you can share your favorite places with your friends by sending a message from this application through any instant messengers or via email.

By clicking a special SOS button the application automatically makes an text message with your coordinates and you have to only choose an addressee and tap the send button.
It is easy to get directions to your by opening this text message in this application on another smartphone.

To ensure the safety of your valuable data the application provides a backup on the SD card in your phone or to the Google Drive cloud service accessible only to you.
You can move data about your places to another device using a backup from Google Drive.


To work correctly, the application needs access to the Internet.

In some conditions, the application may not work as expected. Do not rely on this application as the only and infallible means of navigation.


Some devices have power optimization, which can degrade the accuracy of determining the coordinates. Disable application activity control to avoid this.

Settings -> Installed apps (select app by the name "Forest Navigator")
-> Battery saver -> No restrictions

The navigation function consumes extra energy and the battery may run down faster than you expect. If you often use a cell phone for walking navigation, purchase a model with longer battery life or take an additional power bank. It is a good idea to have a simple button cell phone as a spare. Typically the time of operation of such phones is much longer than modern smartphones.


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