Ninja Shadow Fighter - 忍者英雄:格斗游戏

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Ninja shadow warrior: Hero ninja fighting games brings back the legendary shadow fighter i.e. Ninja Warriors. Ninja warriors are the legendary superheroes fighters in ancient world. This legend ninja is now reborn in this fighting games. Ninja warriors have many fighting skills and superhuman skills. These skills are the fruit of many lifetimes fights of ninjas. Legendary ninja warriors are thus considered the best and most scary warriors legend of ninjas eras. In this ninja fighting game, your existing world is in chaos. You are the ninja warrior who is awaken by the people to rescue the hostages and destroy the enemies like a real ninja fighter. Your superhuman skills can assassinate any bad person. Your superhuman skills as a ninja warrior includes deadly fire slashes, acrobatics, lighting fast darts and hidden paddles like strike forces. With these amazing ninja warrior skills, you can win any challenging mission of ninja games.

As a ninja shadow warrior, your duty is to safeguard the common people during this ninja fight. You are the real shadow fighter as a ninja warrior. In this fighting games, ninja legend will become true like a marvelous superhero of strike forces. Ninja warrior will save the world from shadows and evil elements. You are the real shadow hunter as a ninja fighter. You are the ninja warrior who will fight with enemies. You will be strike by dark forces but you will defeat them all like a real ninja. Because you are the shadow hunter and hero of all the fighter that is ninja.

Collect diamonds and coins in your journey of Hero ninja fighting game. These will increase your combat power and make you a strong warrior of ninja fighting games. The features of Ninja shadow warrior : Hero ninja fighting games are:

🐱‍👤 Beautiful ancient ninja fighter war settings
🐱‍👤 Real shadow warrior fighting sounds
🐱‍👤 Addictive gameplay, smooth controls
🐱‍👤 Strike Force missions
🐱‍👤 Ninja Warrior games challenges
🐱‍👤 Best of ninja games 2020
🐱‍👤 Marvelous graphics of ninja fight
🐱‍👤 Ninja fighting games
🐱‍👤 Multiple missions as a ninja warrior
🐱‍👤Shadow hunter missions
🐱‍👤 Fight the dark powers
🐱‍👤 Best ninja fighting games
🐱‍👤 Ninja games 2019



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