SKGEar - 秘密录音

发行商: SWAMP s.r.o.
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Dear friends,

I would like to tell you about how I personally use SK Gear...
Let me start as an enterpreneur because I am one. I attend important business meetings several times a week... and I automatically start the app to record the entire meeting if everyone is okay with it of course. I have the fastest voice recorder there is in a second, without looking at my smartwatch at all. Let me tell you that this app is pure gold. I can turn on the recorder behind my back and record my friends, so that we can laugh about it afterwards! That´s really of great value for me, because it helps me to put a smile on everyones face more than once. And that´s what it´s all about after all, isn´t it? ☺

But that´s not the only situation in which tapping twice on my smartwatch is a great advantage. Let´s say that, for instance you´re the witness of a violent behavior or a crime. Whether done to you or to others, You can discreetly start recording (by tappin twice on your smartwatch) or even send an emergency signal. We are currently perfecting this feature as our primary goal with this app is to help people and potentially save lives.

Another use of fast recording is to help you note your thoughts, plans and ideas more easily. As turning it on is so easy, you won´t have to wait anymore to stop at a red light in a car to unblock, find and turn on the recording on your device! With SKGear the change on watch faces is almost invisible, which makes using the app even more usefull in real life. That´s a real added value to me. I believe that some professions may really value this!

Please consider this as our first version. We encourage you to report any bugs you encounter while using the app or suggest new features you´d like to see implemented. Quality and stability (considering the upgrades we´re preparing) is our main priority.

We want to give you updates and new functionalities on a regular basis. We´re already working on some features that anyone using the app will love! At the same time, we want to keep the SKGear simple and user-friendly to give you the best possible experience. And regarding the design, we´re preparing various versions so that everyone can choose what suits him best!

To sum this up.
This app can help you in your job, in day to day life and during your hard times. It can help save lives and even make your day brighter by making you laugh. What´s there not to love?

SKGear, the app with real added value.
Made from one man for other people.
Use it wisely.

Team SKGear



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