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Welcome to KitchenScapes! Beat exciting match-3 levels to move on the storyline and help the charismatic protagonist - cook Orlando to start his culinary business!

Go on the exciting story episode to become a top-chief along with the cook Orlando in our new free match-3 puzzle game! Create excellent dishes, upgrade the kitchen, learn new recipes and make friends, choosing your unique design of the cafe!

- Kitchen and match 3 mechanic is the best combination, swap and match items, create various combos to earn money for your future restaurant;
- As a boy, Orlando dreamt about being a chief. Now he grew up and makes his dreams come true! Get to the world-class cuisine top along with the charismatic protagonist, traveling all over the planet;
- Start with a casual food truck on the street, renovate and redesign it and cook most popular fast-food dishes;
- Colorful tokens in the shape of kitchenware, explosive boosters, and power-ups wait for you at every match three levels;
- You can play Cooking Paradise offline!
- All this fun-filled adventure is free!

If you enjoy fun games, interesting characters and the enormous world of culinary arts, our game is perfect for you!
Cook absolutely everything: delicious burgers, tasty donuts, hotdogs, ice cream, fresh smoothies, sweet cheesecakes or pasta. In this game, there is nothing impossible!
Deal with critics, meet new and old friends, rivals and even lovers, make them all your happy clients. Serve them all with premium dishes, renovate kitchen furniture and outside land scapes with your own design and become top chief in the world's cooking history!

And the most important thing – our game is completely FREE. The whole world awaits you to build the restaurant empire. Download it and immerse yourself in kitchen fever!



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