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AlifBee - Learn Arabic The Easy Way

发行商: ALEMİ
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Our mission is to make the Arabic language learning very easy and fun by using state of the Art technology and language learning techniques. Learn Arabic alphabet, sentences, and phrases. Practice Arabic writing and speaking skills!

With AlifBee, your journey to learn Arabic becomes very simple and enjoyable. You do not have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to learn Arabic. At the fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods, AlifBee enables you to achieve your dream of learning the Arabic language in a systematic process that is easy to follow in all four Arabic language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

AlifBee uses the Arabic Cognitive Learning engine called A-CLEAR (patent pending), which was developed after 5 years of research and development, and based on the latest discovery in constructivism learning theory, Arabic morphology, Arabic linguistics, and artificial intelligence.

Since AlifBee uses Artificial Intelligence, it will get smarter and smarter in a very short time. We are continuously adding more features to make it rich, versatile, and adaptive to the user style of learning.

You can either start as a beginner from level A0, or you can take the Arabic evaluation test, and the AlifBee app will estimate your proficiency in Arabic and place you in the appropriate level. If you feel that you are not at your suitable level, you can go back to the previous levels, or jump to the next level by taking the jump level test.

💡AlifBee has ten levels: from the elementary level to the advanced level. Once you finish the advanced level, you will be able to:💡
✔️ Communicate with Standard Arabic: reading, listening and speaking.
✔️ Read and understand the Quran.
✔️ Interact with all different media formats in Arabic: visual, aural, and written.
✔️ Communicate with Arabic in writing using the Arabic Keyboard.
✔️ Pass the various available Standard Arabic Proficiency Exams required to join Arabic study programs in schools or universities.

The Arabic Curriculum Lessons:

AlifBee boasts more than 212 lessons, spread over 10 levels:
✔️ A0 dedicated for the Arabic alphabet
✔️ A1, A2, and A3 are the elementary level
✔️ B1, B2, B3 for the intermediary level
✔️ C1, C2, C3 for the advanced level

The lessons have more than 21000 exercises, 6500 Arabic words, more than 2700 Arabic sentences, and Arabic phrases.

Upcoming to do list:

Arabic SMart Dictionary

Arabic language skills will be strengthened in a timely manner until committed to long term memory.

Each user will have his/her own Arabic dictionary, that will be used to help master his acquired skills.

The user will be able to explore the relationships between Arabic phrases & words, Arabic roots, opposites, and a lot more.

This feature will be available very soon.

New Arabic Content Stream

In addition to the 212 curriculum lessons provided, this new content stream will present the user regularly with new contemporary articles that match his/her Arabic aptitude level, so the user gets to practice Arabic more and more. The user can customize the content to match his/her needs and style.

The content stream can be contemporary news, stories, articles in different genres, etc. It can be audio, video, or text.

This feature will be available in a couple of months.

Interactive Arabic Learning Bot

This is a smart bot that will be the Arabic learning mentor and Arabic language companion.

With the bot ability to voice-interact with the user, it will take Arabic learning to a new level of fun, games, interactivity, and ease of learning.

➡️➡️➡️ Download AlifBee: Learn Arabic Alphabet and practice Arabic phrases and sentences. Speaking and writing Arabic - Language learning has never been more easy and fun!


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