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Using IP Television you can see all your IPTV wherever and whenever you want.
IP Television allows you to watch on your device channels by your Country, by international broadcasters, all of them detailed by categories and on-demand.
Wherever you are!
All you need is internet connection!

IP Television is so easy to be used and offers you a huge variety of features to make more enjoyable football matchs of your favorite Club or MotoGP, your series and soap and kids channels.
As your best choice you can ever done, constantly updated, gives you the world and more!
Yes, you can:
- use more than one playlist and easly manage them;
- adds channels in 3 different ways (manual, copy/paste function, xtreme-codes)!
- use your Elettronic Program Guide!
- set up parental control for your kids safety!
...and much more.
Perfect for your m3u playlists.

By IP Television you can create o upload all channels and playlists you prefer.
Set your language and then let the App upload automatically channels or upload by yourself free or paid IPTV playlists in m3u8 (m3u) format.
One step back: do you now what's an m3u8 format? It's a URL file provided by Google if you search "m3u iptv" for example.
Otherwise If you have a paid playlist such as Xtream Codes, you can upload it by logging in with your credentials and you have done! IP Television does the rest: by its intuitive interface that will allow you to easly update and handle your playlists.

- Launch and handling your playlist
- Play/Pause online TV Video Stream
- PIP / Picture in Picture
- Use the scrollbar to watch video on demand.
- Based on libVLC framework with LGPL license.
- Watch your IPTV playlist on your Chromecast device
- Buy the “Multiple playlist” packet
- Store and "sort by" channels with the possibility to cancel them
- Choose your "favorites" and add in to the list.
- Divide a channel list in sections (only with compatible playlists)
- Subscribe to EPG (only with compatible playlists with CrossEPG - Rytec), the Electronic Program Guide that allows you to watch your IPTV programs and to know programs broadcast and on which channel. For new subscribers, subscription for the first week is free .
- Turn on the “Zapping / PIP” feature to watch channels in a mini screen while you scan playlist to choose what to watch.
- Chance to delete advertising banners.

Remember to keep your IP Television updated to have all new features implemented!

If you buy IP Television for one of your device (for example tablet), you can run it by using all other device yo have (TV android, Mobile etc) without additional payments; it is the same story for updates.

IP Television allows you to benefit from a set of paid extensions:
• Banner remover € 3.19 - use the application without advertising
• Activate zapping € 1.89 - a mini player will help in the preview of your channels
• Multiple playlist € 3.19 - do you have more than two playlists? Here is the extension for you.
• Copy and Paste € 2.39 - directly from the web to the app

• Electronic Program Guide € 2.39/every three month and the first week is free - use the EPG and discover all information about your programs

Price may differ by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card saved on your Google account. Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of ongoing subscription time. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once is activated. You can managed your subscriptions in the Account Settings section after the purchase.

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