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KARTINA.TV is the largest video service provider for Russian-speaking TV viewers abroad.
Download our mobile app and enjoy watching thousands of movies, cartoons, TV series, hundreds of TV channels and listen to your music all over the world.

7 days free trial ***

Experience all advantages of Kartina.TV services 7 days for free and get access to a large selection of channels, movies and series of different genres. Use one subscription to watch different channels or films on three devices simultaneously and watch your favourite programs live or in archive and much more.

What to watch:

Over 200 TV channels for every taste * including the most important news and sports channels, numerous music and entertaining channels, channels for children and young people and international channels from Ukraine, Israel, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

Thousands of movies * for every mood - from action movies to family movies and cartoons!

Online video libraries START, ivi,, Okko, Film UA and Megogo ** in a single subscription.

Watch premieres of films “Text”, “One Breath”, “Hotel Belgrade”, series “The Good Man”, “Chiki”, “Plague!”, “Kept Women” and the already beloved “Grand”, “Fitness”, “Ivanovy-Ivanovy ”, “ Kitchen ”and“ Matchmakers ” first, before they appear on TV.

A huge collection of films, cartoons for children and young people: "The Last Bogatyr", "Fiksiki", "Kikoriki", all parts of the "Three Bogatyrs" as well as children's and educational programs.

* The composition and number of channels as well as some films in video libraries may differ depending on the region.
** Megogo Okko,, FIlm UA video stores are not available in Russia and the CIS countries.

How to watch KARTINA.TV:

• First 7 days are free *.
• Take full advantage of all service features and practical up-to-date format for watching TV.
• You may choose between 1 month or 1-year subscriptions. Use up to three devices at the same time with just one subscription.
• Have you got a subscription already? Just log in and enjoy watching TV!

• Watch movies and television whenever and wherever you need - on smartphones and tablets. To watch our services on your home TV, you just need an internet access and a set-top box, which you can buy on our official website.

*Select your subscription with automatic renewal and watch Kartina.TV services 7 days for free. After 7 days, your free access will be automatically extended unless you cancel the subscription in your Google Play account settings at least 24 hours before it expires. The amount will be debited from your Google Play account:

- 16.50 euros **** 1-month subscription;
- 165.00 euros **** 1-year subscription.

**** amount varies depending on the currency of your Google Play account and your region.

Download Kartina.TV app for free and discover the world of Internet television with over 200 popular channels and thousands of movies in your mother language, anywhere in the world, on any device and in excellent quality!

Terms of use:
General terms and conditions (GTC):


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