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India’s Best learning app for k-12 student segment that teaches you in vernacular language in turn which helps you to understand the concepts connecting with daily life applications and provide you with a simplified learning experience.

Our 3 main products:

Chitti video lessons for K-12 segment:

This section contains video lessons for classes 1 to 10. These videos are story-based and connect book concepts with real-life applications, making learning simple. Our videos are made in the vernacular language which makes the student understand concepts better and faster. These video lessons are created with best examples around us, by 50 best content developers, 25 animators & editors, 20 directors and cinematographers making each concept easier and simple by creating attractive stories, animations and illustrations.

Chitti Box:

Chitti box brings innovation at your doorstep. By this students recreate the early inventions made by scientists with the help of our exciting premium science kits. Every Premium kit will be based on different inventions from various scientists. These are designed, developed and tested by our 20+ R&D experts. These experiments will instigate creativity and improve the motor skills of the students.

Chitti labs:

Our Chitti labs are Engineering theme-based workshops for school students. We have so far conducted around 6 plus theme-based workshops in and around 25 cities. In each theme, students will work with 15+ hands-on experiments to get a clear understanding of the concepts they learn in this class session. Chitti classes are conducted with technical experts guiding the students in the class session, and these experiments are designed, developed and tested by our 30+ R&D experts.



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