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Video Projector Simulator

发行商: Vintage Zone
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Video Projector on wall is the best hd video projector simulator app for android phone on wall free. Hd Video Projector on wall is an application where you can choose any video from your mobile and view it on the projection simulator on wall and watch it with your friends or family.

video projector simulator is a real android application to show vid projection simulator on flashlight or to watch videos or images on wall.

Task your number one video and watch it with your companion and family. At the point when you get exhausted, start HD Video Projector Simulator and watch your video on the projector.

Video Projector Simulator You will feel fun and enjoyment in gathering with friends and on special events. Video Projector application is specially optimized to be extremely easy. You can watch you’re Latest Video, All Videos, Most View, Favorite Videos, and many more.

Video Projector App for Android Phone Quick Connection Video Projector In this application the item that been use to build the Smartphone projector is item that can be easily found in daily life. 4k Ultra HD Video Projector in choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, with fewer ads than regular TV.

It can also work as a mobile screen show on walls

Disclaimer: This projector simulator app is a prank and fake application It is developed just for Entertainment and to make a fun.


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