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TimeTree - Free Shared Calendar

发行商: TimeTree, Inc.
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◆ Winner of Apple’s “App Store Best of 2015” award!

■ Key Features
○ Shared calendar and scheduling
・The "Full Month" view shows upcoming events at-a-glance and by the month. Both the monthly and weekly view display color-coded events to better assist users.
・Not limited to the admin, all members can add and edit events.
・Chat and send photos as if you were using a messenger app for each event you create.
・Reminders can be delivered to everyone in the group keeping everyone alerted.
・Synchronize other calendars to keep track of your personal events with TimeTree.

○ Shared Notes and Lists
Comes with a memo feature that can be shared with other users that can be helpful in planning events, organizing to-do lists, and creating small notes.

○ Multiple Calendars for Family, Personal, Workplace events, and More.
TimeTree allows users to create multiple shared calendars. Whether it may be amongst family members for family oriented plans, among coworkers and acquaintances related to work, or just for personal use, our app is adapt to meet various situational needs for both social and personal lifestyles.

○ Works on PC, Mobile, & Widget - Lets you review and edit your schedule with ease on the go!

○ Share via Messenger Apps - Lets you share specific events with anyone via TimeTree or any other social media platform.

Who is TimeTree for?
○ Family
TimeTree is great for planning family oriented events. Allow TimeTree to keep track of your plans and spend more quality time with the family!
・Perfect for creating a shopping list from daily groceries to family barbeques!
・Keep track of anniversaries and dinner plans for mommy and daddy.
・Organize plans on picking up kids from daycare and school.
・Connect the whole family to schedule well-deserved family vacations!

TimeTree is also great for keeping up with your academic life! Organize your class schedule and keep track on what is due next!
・Productive time management and day planning tools to create daily schedules for students!
・Plan ahead knowing what after school activities you have in the afternoon.
・Even write diary entries using the ‘Keep’ function!

For users who work on shifts or routinely, TimeTree can provide to organize work schedules. Stay one step ahead of everyone in your workplace!
・Stray away from worrying about complicated shift schedules. Allow TimeTree to notify you whenever, wherever!
・Check on multiple important meetings on a daily, or even monthly scale calendar view.
・Works as a reminder for impending deadlines.

○ Business Owners
Time Tree is also great for business owners, small or large, to delegate work and increase productivity!
・Track your inventory schedule for both clients and suppliers.
・Invite and share agendas with your employees.
・Connect the workplace using TimeTree!

○ Couples
Also perfect for couples to set up plans for dates. Never again would you have your partner stood up!
・Commemorate events with your loved one using TimeTree as a reminder.
・Shareable Calendar means Sharable experience!

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不能匯出或同步到其他行事曆根本另類閹割功能。 . 桌面小工具可以增加更多格式就好了,像是有些活動是有倒數提醒,如果桌面可以有集中一框看倒數中的日子,也很棒。 希望可以支援匯出到其他行事曆同步,或跟google calendar雙向同步的功能。




我覺得原本的設計比較好,可以個人化的行事曆顏色,這樣可以為自己的事項進行分類,如果失去這功能感覺就跟一般行事曆沒什麼差別了...... 這對我來說算是持續使用timetree的原因,因為我很喜歡顏色分類,很明顯、實用


請把行事曆顏色主題復原 先不說可以用顏色快速辨別 再者預設的綠色真的很醜


不能個人化行事曆顏色 很糟糕,我不喜歡綠色卻無法變更 爛 原本的好用 越改越不好用


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