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发行商: ClicksApp
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Clicks ClubCard and pharmacy convenience - now in your hands.

1. ClubCard on your phone
Keep enjoying your Feel Good Rewards – with a convenient digital ClubCard.
One less plastic card in your wallet.
Simply scan your digital ClubCard at till point to earn points and spend your cashback.
Contact details out of date? Cut out the call centre, and simply update your profile on the app.
Not yet a ClubCard member? Simply download the app and register for ClubCard. It’s quick and easy.

2. Choose your savings
My ClubCard deals are personalised savings hand-picked JUST FOR YOU
Simply load the deals to your ClubCard on the app. Your savings will be applied when you use your ClubCard at the till in-store or when you shop online.

3. Check your ClubCard rewards
Track your cashback balance and points activity.
Grow your cashback even more at our partners - including Engen, Sorbet and The Body Shop.

4. Pharmacy convenience on your phone
Submit scripts - simply snap and send us a photo of your script.
Order script repeats - check the number of repeats remaining and simply order medication on the app.
We’ll send you an SMS when your order is ready for collection in 4 hours or less.
Save time - go straight to the pharmacy collection counter.
Book a clinic appointment – choose your Clicks clinic, the day and time-slot most convenient for you.

5. Shop online
Stay up to date with our latest promotions, and shop our widest range of products right on your phone.
Door to door delivery, FREE on orders over R450.
Collect your order at any Clicks store, FREE on orders over R150.
Order OTC medication online.
Access your shopping lists.

6. Find your closest Clicks store
Wherever you are, there is always a Clicks pharmacy near you.
Check store details such as address, trading hours and contact numbers.
Find a store that has exactly what you’re looking for, including in-store pharmacies and clinics.


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2143 条评价

Not a good app or brand. You gave in to the eff, paid them not to attack your stores because of the truth of that tresseme ad. Shame on you. You have big competition in Diskem. You are loosing customers by the day. You should have stand uo towatds the eff. But you either gave them money not to attack your stores. Instead of taking them to court for damaging of property. Pathetic!


I am unable to register on the app. I complete all the information but it jumps to the beginning.


Im very frustrated with this clicks app. I have tried to reset my password and did so successfully, now its saying my login details are incorrect... Ive Uninstalled the app. Can't deal with inefficiency. You guys can just Send me an sms or email with my balance...


The prices on the pamphlets are not the same as the prices on the app the app is high


Clicks you have one of the worst online shopping experiance on offer. 1. Online you do not accept foreign issued credit cards, I have a canadian issued credit card and I cannot make online purchases yet in the in-store the card is accepted. 2. I tried to go around the isuue above, by purchasing a gift card in store and redeeming it online, only to find out at home that gift cards bought instore cannot be used online. 3. Check your competitiors on how they are leaving you in the dust


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