Remedi Medical Scheme

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We have developed a Remedi Application which will make managing your plan easier in just a few taps.
Through the navigation of this application you will be able to keep track of your Personal Medical Savings Account details and balance. You also have access your digital membership card, should you need it and you do not have the physical card with you.
Included in this application is the ability to view your most recent healthcare service claim details and you can also search through 12 months' of claim’s. Remedi has made the search for a healthcare professional easier by providing the necessary information under ‘Healthcare Providers’. ‘Your Plan’ allows you to view your medical aid details, approved chronic conditions and you can track your benefit usage. You are also able to search for other application forms, your medical aid membership certificate and your tax certificate. Finally, the ‘Your Health’ tab gives you access to your current health record.

The application is available to download for all Remedi members but you must register on the Remedi website ( before you can log in on the Remedi app. You will use the same username and password for this app as for the Remedi website.



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