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101 Personal development is a revolutionary mobile application that combines very simple and fast exercises (5 min on average per exercise) to do anywhere in order to feel better in your life, to get rid of your blockages, and to become the person you dream of.

-1 exercise is offered every day: introspection exercises, mini assertiveness challenges, feel good missions, letting go exercises, emotions management, and self-esteem, self-confidence, stop guilt, gratitude, meditation, comtemplations, breaths, mindfulness, etc.

-We have put together all the best easy-to-apply tips from the world's leading personal development and happiness specialists. Feeling better and achieving happiness in just 5 minutes a day and 101 days is possible because we have already done the research work for you. Here you will find applied principles such as the 4 toltec agreements, the power of the intention, the principles of the Secret, the scale of emotions, the quotes of the greatest sages. The promise of a Zen life in 5 minutes a day and unprecedented experiences you will not come out the same as you were before you started this challenge! To do at home, from your bed, on your sofa, in the subway: wherever you are you can do these experiments and do not need any tools.

5 minutes a day, or 1 attitude to adopt all day, or 1 action to put in place through an experience.
We have designed experiences that are not binding at all so it's easy for you to do it every day.
These challenges are not one more constraint in your day, it's the opposite, you will see that you are going to love it and your family will jump in the game!

Because it brings together the teachings of dozen personal development books, sages and spiritual concepts of the world and that in addition to synthesized all that knowledge in one application it reflects these lessons in practical exercises so that it is as easy as possible for you. Personal development works whatever if you understand the concepts or not. We believe that it is through experience that deep-rooted changes are anchored in ourselves. We propose you a revolutionary method: first to experience, then to inquire and to read if you are interested.

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