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MyMemo lets you create custom matching games for teaching purposes (or for fun) using your own pictures, audio, and text. You can even create decks of cards where different images constitute a pair!

The flexibility of MyMemo opens up many educational possibilities. For example:

- Ask users to make their own deck based on a certain theme, e.g. seasons, colors, objects, etc.
- Learn foreign languages in a fun and playful way.
- Create decks where the audio recordings give fun little instructions relevant to the image, e.g. “bark like a dog three times”.
- Create split decks with items that rhyme with each other.
- Customize speech therapy sessions with games suited for each individual student.
- Teach upper case and lower case alphabets with split deck.

MyMemo is designed by teachers to meet their needs for flexibility and customization.


- Create personal decks by adding pictures, sounds, or text
- Define pairs using same image or pairs using different images
- Play with 6, 8, 12, 16 or 20 cards
- Four built-in decks and five audio languages
- Intuitive child-friendly controls
- Child proof settings and edit lock mode
- Support for iTunes file sharing
- Ability to share decks with other users

For a full list of features and a user manual please visit our website at:

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