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108 Bows Counter

发行商: Youngwan Choi
价格: 3.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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108 bows is an iPhone app that automatically counts the number of bowing and help you manage 108 bows workout.

◉ Good for
108 bows practitioner, 108 bows exercise

◉ Auto count
You don't have to count when you bow. Using the iPhone's proximity sensor, the app automatically counts the number of bowing.

◉ Voice guidance
Every time you bow, you count your voice.

◉ Ambient sound
You can hear the sound of the wind chime so you can concentrate while bowing.

◉ View results after completion
After completion, you can check the results such as the number of bowing, elapsed time, and average time per bowing.

◉ Share results via messenger or SNS
Share result to your friends with images

◉ Manual input
Even if you didn't count with the app, you can manually record the date and count.

◉ Calendar view
You can check the exercise day at a glance on the calendar. Can be used as a training calendar or exercise calendar.

◉ View Stats
You can see statistics such as the number of days you exercise, the total number of bowing, and the time, and you can check the number of bowing by day in a bar graph.

◉ Dark Mode Support
Dark mode is supported for iOS 13 and later. You can reduce the battery consumption by changing to dark mode only when bowing in the light mode.

◉ User Suggestions
If you have any inconvenience or ideas during use, please send it through Settings> App Info> Suggestions in the app.


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