Battery Share - Track Your Friend's Battery / Send Low Battery Notifications

发行商: Terry Demco
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Battery Share gives you a final opportunity to contact your friends or loved ones before their phone dies. By getting notifications when your friend's battery is low, you can make last contact before their phone runs out of power.
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Unfortunately, batteries have a knack for dying when we’re running late, and no doubt many of us have been on the receiving end of several missed calls and texts simply because our phone couldn’t turn on.

Battery Share warns selected friends and loved ones when you have a low battery. It also notifies you when their phone is about to die. This gives you the opportunity to contact them before they become unavailable. The app also allows you to see the battery power level of your friend's device, plus, the app will display if their device is charging, or is in low-power mode. Notifications are customizable, so you can select exactly who you’ll receive notifications from. The app also includes internet calling (VoIP) capabilities, so you can stay in touch with friends via the app.

Just install the app and invite friends to share their battery status by sending them a message. When a friend accepts your invitation using the Battery Share app on their device, you can start following their battery status immediately.


• Quickly see the battery status of your friends and family

• Low Battery Notifications from your followers

• Simple privacy controls

• VoIP calling

• Gravity-animated battery icons

• Quickly add contacts with 3D Touch

*internet connection required
*low battery notifications may not be delivered if network conditions are poor, or the phone is quickly powered down.

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